Sacia Matthews

Sacia Matthews Photography

Joined April 2020

Was charging $5150 for her “kitchen sink” photo package before joining the community. After implementing our teachings and principles, she now has a minimum investment of $12,290 local and $15,240 destination for her services that she is consistently booking. Her referrals now are planner-based and she has secured her biggest contract to date of nearly $20,190.

“Literally, ever since I joined this group, the energy of my life and business has felt “revived” and inspired. I’m so thankful! It’s like a real vibe here. I love it. I wanted to celebrate some recent wins with y’all! This has been probably my most mentally challenging year, trying to balance pregnancy with bouncing back from pandemic woes - it just has been a lot. Now 15 days out from our babies and I feel the trajectory of my life changing- credit to the 18 month rule in play for sure! Thanks E3!” .

Abigail Lewis

Abigail Lewis Photography

Joined April 2020

Was offering photography services between $4-6k before joining the community. After implementing what she’s learned from our teachings, she’s since raised her minimum to five figures and has booked both a $24k and $16k contract with planner facing clients while accepting international and destination second shooter opportunities with industry leaders such as KT Merry and Laura Murray.

“This is hands down THE best education I’ve ever gotten for my business. It’s incredible and has dramatically shifted my business for the better. This group has exceeded all of my expectations in every way. Each weekly FaceBook Live is packed full of information I had never encountered before…information that has already pushed my business to an entirely new level. The many connections I have already made with other vendors have given me a window into so many creative circles I otherwise would have never discovered. I cannot recommend this group enough to anyone in the wedding industry desiring to make the leap from mid-level to high-end. The group and your personal coaching skills have pushed me so much. It’s amazing. I’m not sure how deep you are into the enneagram, but I’m a 4 and one of the things we (I) value the most is genuine, authentic people. And not hipster-fake-act-like-it-honest, but just true honesty with yourself and one another. And that’s why I’m alllll up in and all over this group. I love the people in it!” .

Dana Fernandez

Josh + Dana

Joined January 2021

Prior to being a part of E3, she didn’t think charging $20k for their services would be possible and if it was, that she didn’t know “how” to do it. In just a few short months, she has considerably raised their minimum and booked multiple five figure contracts as well as their biggest photography client to date, worth more than $20,000.

“Shout out to the ladies of E3 for giving me the tools, education, support, and community to grow our business. This is the third email of its type that we have received since changing our consultation process after everything we have learned from this group. It 10000% works and I give SO much credit for our ability to book at these higher price points to what I have learned in E3! Will forever and always sing E3’s praises!”

Danielle Cartwright

Wright & Co

Joined April 2020

Before E3, Danielle was a flat fee planner charging under $10k for full service planning and design. After implementing what she’s learned in the group, she now has a five figure minimum, charges on percentage and has booked multiple clients that will result in $20k, $30k and even $40k fees. In addition, she was able to double the fee on her management offering and now books that at a $5k minimum.

“Just wanted to thank you ladies for bringing us all together in this amazing group as we propel ourselves forward as a community. I used to be so nervous to reach out to other planners in our market who I admired to ask about their pricing structures, in fear of upsetting them since we all know it's sort of a taboo subject. But I decided (because of this group) if my team and I are going to move forward towards our goals we need to keep a united front with these individuals, and help each other along the way as much as possible. I've gotten great responses, and amazing open dialogue from some of our favorites who happen to also be in this group as well. Thank you ladies so much for your friendships and for keeping my team and I inspired!”

Kristin Hazelwood

Brown Fox Creative

Joined March 2021

She first tore apart her social media and website and made the decision to separate her semi-custom collection from her fully-custom work. Then, through digesting our teachings was encouraged to change her qualifying process and triple her prices. From there, she was inspired by other stationers in the community to quit burying her design fee and let it stand on its own. Lastly, she’s been connecting with new people and enjoying the journey with others in her area who share the same mindset. .

“This group has been everything I needed and didn’t realize until I joined. Thanks everyone!”

Megan Pettus

Megan Pettus Films

Joined April 2020

Prior to joining E3, Megan was charging 5k. Now she has a five figure minimum and consistently books 15k, 20k and even 30k+ events including high profile, celebrity clientele that require NDAs and multiday coverage. She went from 75k in topline revenue with 20 events per year to now grossing more than 175k in a single year capturing only 7 events.

Heather Alana

Epoch Co Events

Joined January 2021

Heather recently sat down to evaluate her Q1 and Q2 revenue goals and quickly realized she has grossed 214% more in the first 6 months of 2021 than a full 12 months in 2019 (pre-Covid year, of course!). She did this through strategies and foundations she learned in the community such as minimizing/streamlining offerings and focusing on full design and planning services. These results are before her usual biggest booking month each year and does not yet include Q3 or Q4 for 2021.

“This community has completely transformed our business, our family and our lifestyle.

Thank you a million times over!!!”

Kylee Yee

Kylee Yee Photography

Joined April 2020

Kylee implemented teachings and principles from our community to secure her biggest revenue month ever: $44k and during the pandemic, no less! In addition, she’ll be shooting as part of the Engage!21 photography team at Baha Mar in December.

“I just wanted to tell you that E3 has been such a God send for me! It came at a time when I really needed the extra support, insights, strategies and sense of community. E3 has given me the courage and confidence that I needed to level up. It's crazy to think that my business is thriving through a pandemic and I know I still have so much to learn and implement. This makes me look to the future with so much excitement. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being shining lights to so many of us!”

Stephanie Witman

Stephanie Vegliante Photography

Joined October 2020

In the short period of time since Stephanie joined the community, she’s overhauled her inquiry and sales process as well as debuted new pricing. She’s also felt more confident than ever to say no. .

“Feeling confident with my new pricing, process, and intentionality with the bookings I am accepting! Saying no has never felt better thanks to E3. I still can’t believe how much my mindset and business hae changed over the past 10 months since joining. Thank you x100000 for this incredible outlet.”

Sarah Kay Love

Sarah Kay Love

Joined July 2020

“I just want to send you a quick message and tell you how unbelievably grateful I am for you all and E3! It’s been such an incredible resource for our industry. E3 has been 80% of my business leads this last year and I have booked almost all of them. Everyone has been talented, professional and a joy to work with. I have grown my business, doubled my prices and am hiring employees for 2021! Thank YOU, thank YOU!”

Kelsey Garrison

Lairsey Paper Co

Joined April 2020

Before joining E3, Kelsey was spending all her time putting together full proposals without getting a true understanding of what the client needed or wanted. She has since completely overhauled her inquiry and sales process from what she has learned in the community, which has in turn increased her bookings while making the entire experience collaborative. Additionally, she’s had the pleasure of working with some amazing planner teams through her new E3 connections and it has expedited her growth. She is now gearing up to launch custom invitation design in addition to her semi-custom collection; something she says she would have never pulled the trigger on if it weren’t for E3. .

“Grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it!”

Ty Wilson

Ty Z Wilson Photography

Joined November 2020

Ty has increased his average booking by 300% in addition to having 100% of clients add a printed album, at minimum, after the session.

“The sales process training is GOLD!”


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