Frequently Asked Questions:

What does membership include?

Private Facebook community with members-only access.

Weekly live episode within the private Facebook group with access to a database of recorded episodes for those who can’t join live.

Bi-weekly Facebook group office hours to answer your questions and address immediate needs, so everyone can learn from one another.

General inspiration, information “sharing” and thought-provoking accountability challenges.

VIP “first in line” access to any of our future opportunities, such as our mastermind, exclusive parties and meet ups, bi-yearly retreats, traveling with us, or working a wedding behind-the-scenes with us, etc.

when are the live videos in the group?

Live episodes with Julie, Courtney and Wendy are held in the private Educate | Empower | Encourage Facebook group every Thursday from 2-3PM CDT, excluding holidays. We frequently bring in guest speakers to chat about an array of topics. Check out the "guest speakers" tab to learn more about past and upcoming guests and topics discussed.

when are "office hours" in the group?

Office hours with Julie, Courtney and Wendy (yes, all three of us!) are held in the private Educate | Empower | Encourage Facebook group every Monday from 10AM-12PM CDT and every Thursday from 1PM-2PM leading up to the Live Episode, excluding holidays. This is an opportunity to ask questions and address immediate needs, while the group learns together. Posts and content within the group will be organized into categories and units, much like information in a typical educational setting. This is beneficial for you, because as you and others ask questions and prompts in real time, the information that may be “all over the place” will be streamlined for you so it’s easy to follow, look up and reference.

how do i sign up?

Currently we are by invitation only. If you know someone already in the space simply reach out to them and ask them to refer you. We will be capping the space shortly and after that we will be working from a "one out, one in" basis with people coming in via our waitlist. You may fill out your waitlist application HERE.

what is the investment?


One-time Initiation Fee of $1200

(Your initiation fee covers access to our library of 170+ hours of content and resources available across 135+ episodes since April 2020)


coupled with your choice of a 12 or 18 month subscription bundle

12 month bundle = $1776 ($148/month)

18 month bundle = $1944 ($108/month)



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